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Posted by Priscilla Esposito on

Your Eyes Will Thank You

The fact is (a bitter one) we cannot survive without television screens, or let us elaborate even better without any screen be it, mobile phone’s screen, television screen or/and computer screens and honestly sometimes we use all of them together in one hour, sometimes throughout the day. Then why not make some tips our daily life habits which could make our lives a lot easier and our eyes won’t be tired anymore.

Imagine a situation, on one fine Saturday night popcorns are ready at home and one has decided to watch “Shaw shank Redemption” lying on the couch and ready to enjoy. Fantastic sounds right in fact absolutely perfect there is no issue if one just adjusts the color, brightness and contrast of the television. LED, Smart TVs or normal televisions all have so many options of adjustments how often we adjust our screens before watching anything on it. The reason of so many options is the style of vision, vision varies from person to person (hard to digest but it’s true) for example: warm colors, cool colors, standard and user, the reason of giving USER option is to adjust things according to one’s own choice and eye comfort.

These days in cellphones people turn on the reading mode (and what’s a reading mode in which the red color is more on screen than other colors which makes an eye comfortable). Try to learn all of this in order to make the life easier. Talking about adjustments even old monitors have this adjustment options have anybody considered why? It’s because they know the requirements of eyes and the difference of every vision.

Makers now really know the impact of entertainment on eyes so they give warnings too, like for example: a friend’s nephew was playing on PlayStation 3, we all were amazing to know they give warning right on the start (that if one has any trouble of eyes try to avoid close contact, and take rest after 1 hour). That’s amazing and the reason is they know the damage of tech on eyes. The most stylish thing one can do with the eyes is wear zero power glasses while using any screen it reduces the impact of rays and lights on the eye lens.

The most effective and at the same time most dangerous tip to maintain eye health is, to ask the doctor to prescribe a neutral best mini vortex mixer which can be used whenever eyes are tired two drops per eye and it gives an immense relief after day long tiring schedule.

Mates! We are blessed to have volume lashes Australia and proper eyes on our faces imagine those who doesn’t have one. Try to protect and take care of the eyes, adjust the position of the screen colors and contrast before using the television or any other screen, try to wear sun glasses while going out in sun, use the cellphone with healthy distance and belief me! Eyes will thank you.